My internship at nth Solutions was a joyful, educational experience that developed both my professional and personal character. nth allows interns to make significant contributions to their products while simultaneously developing engineering, business, and team-working skills. In my experience, I discovered my passion for computer science which helped me succeed in my undergraduate program, and acquire numerous internships and research positions.

Rob Warner

Colorado School of Mines (Class of 2021), Computer Science/ Robotics & Intelligent Systems

Every company has aspects with which it defines itself to be unique. For nth Solutions, LLC, a large part of what makes us special relates directly to who we are. Of course, a company’s success is always based on the individuals who compose the team, and our expertise at nth covers numerous fields that combine to form a successful business. However, there’s one unique aspect of our staff that truly sets the company apart: our interns.

At nth we have the philosophy, rather than hire every intern with the idea of offering a common experience of performing simple tasks on an assignment-to-assignment basis, to hire interns based on positions specific to the company. This allows each student to make contributions unique to his or her own interests resulting in the best type of outcome: a self-perpetuating cycle. Now, every year, new high school students join us here at nth and find their own niche in the multitude of disciplines relevant to our core business, including product development, software development, web design, graphic design, and writing. And as the cycle continues, seniors take on the positions of Lead Intern Managers to guide their peers and aid with the hiring and training processes for the next year.

At the heart of the High School Internship Program is the inter-relationship between the interns and the professionals who work alongside the interns to guide, teach, and even learn from them. But there’s also the culture, the experience and the future value of the internship to consider as well.  

The Culture

Although our Company’s professional staff provide constant instruction, oversight, and assistance, the interns occupy two large connected “bullpens” (Engineering and Marketing) in the center of the building, for which the Intern Managers are responsible.  This gives the students an opportunity to not just create their own environment, it also allows them to sharpen their “soft skills” as they collaborate to achieve specific objectives.  Our young men and women – from different backgrounds and schools and having widely diverse skill sets and personalities – experience the working world firsthand and they come to appreciate the real meaning of responsibility and accountability.  The interns also develop the strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie, which is very rewarding to our staff, both personally and professionally.

The Experience

Our Intern Program is not a “make work” environment so parents and school officials can come in, clap their hands, and say “Well done!”  Every intern must focus on “work product” objectives which further the development of technologies, products, intellectual property, marketing and sales collateral, videos, websites, etc., for the benefit of the Company and/or our clients.  Interns are required to submit detailed daily reports and most of them, at some point, will be required to make presentations to clients.  The satisfaction derived in being paid to develop work product that generates real market value and doing so in a professional environment speaks for itself.

The Future Value

High school seniors who have been in the program for at least one year receive a Letter of Recommendation written by one or more of the Company’s professional staff.  It is an honor to recognize their accomplishments in writing which frequently include being co-inventors on pending and/or issued patents, developing commercialized products, creating client and company websites and videos, and dozens of other noteworthy accomplishments.  The Letters have resulted in additional scholarships and grants for our seniors. It is not unusual for our interns to receive offers of additional internships  while at college based on their work here.

The Positions


The engineering interns work alongside our professional technical staff to develop products for the Company and our clients. They create work product that includes physics and math applications, software development, firmware development, electronic hardware design, mechanical design, prototyping, and product manufacturing and testing. Our program has resulted in over a dozen high school interns being named as co-inventors on commercialized and revenue-generating issued patents. 

Java Developer

Develops Java based code for embedded controls including testing, improvement, and documenting development. Should be able to work independently and collaboratively to develop programs.

 What to Bring:

Expertise with the Java Programming Language 

What you Will Gain:

Experience with User Interface development and rapid problem-solving skills

Physics / Data Analyst

Applies physics theory and mathematics to real-world problems to aid in the development of consumer products. Prior coursework in Physics is a requirement.

 What to Bring:

Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, physics, and mathematics (entry-level calculus is recommended) and some experience with programming languages

 What you Will Gain:

Experience with applicable physics and data analysis

CAD Specialist

Applies knowledge and experience in the development of 3D models to aid in the development of consumer products.

 What to Bring:

Proficiency with Autodesk Inventor, knowledge of 3D Printing processes

 What you Will Gain:

Experience with 3D Printing, dimensioning, official design, work product documentation

Mechanical and Electronics Intern

Applies knowledge and experience in the development of consumer products.

 What to Bring: 

Basic understanding of robotic components (motors, drivers, etc.,) knowledge of electronics and computer software.

 What you Will Gain:

Intuition with mechanical product engineering and reverse engineering strategies

Associate Firmware Intern

Develops code for embedded controls including testing, improvement, and documenting development. Should be able to work independently and collaboratively to develop programs.

 What to Bring: 

Familiar with or willing to learn C-like programming languages (BASIC, ARDUINO C preferred) 

 What you Will Gain:

Knowledge with product conceptualization, schematics, and development 


The marketing interns work under the guidance of our professional marketing team to execute the critical tasks involved with introducing a product into a specific marketplace. This includes market research and analysis, product packaging design, creating websites and product videos, social media content and blog development, etc.

Web Developer

Develops websites for clients and consumer products. Works collaboratively with the entire marketing team to achieve websites which are engaging, creative, and deliver on a clear Call-To-Action.

What to Bring: 

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, J-Query, and Word Press 

 What you Will Gain:

Expertise in troubleshooting, front-end design, research

Graphic Designer / Video Editor

Designs flyers, brochures, and graphic elements, in addition to creating videos to support all marketing tasks for clients. Position requires the ability to creatively think through the process of creating design elements from initial concept through final draft.

 What to Bring: 

Proficiency or a willingness to learn design software (Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator) and Adobe Premiere, knowledge of filmmaking and aesthetics, some photography skills recommended

*Digital Art portfolio required (drawings, films, school projects are all sufficient)

 What you Will Gain:

Understanding of applicable marketing strategies, creative direction

Article / Web Content Writer

Draft articles related to assigned subject matter, aid in the development of website copy, and create social media posts which create engagement with the audience. Also responsible for maintaining social media accounts including Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram.

 What to Bring: 

Notable skill in cohesive creative and technical writing, managing social media, and research

*Sample writing required (written articles, blog posts, or school essays are all sufficient)

What you Will Gain:

Insights into marketing strategy in product development, professional communication, published work, and creative direction


Manufacturing interns work under the guidance of the Director of Engineering & Manufacturing learning the skills to build and test electronic and electrical components as well as other products developed by the company. In addition, interns can progress through additional stages, learning the key roles and tasks of warehouse operations.   

Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical Assembly

Work with Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), soldering, assembly of electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies. Perform Quality Control checks. Maintain production records as directed.

What to Bring:
             Basic mechanical aptitude and a steady hand for soldering small electronic components.
What you Will Gain:
              Knowledge of electrical, electronic, and mechanical design and manufacturing.

Shipping / Receiving

Responsible for tracking incoming packages from vendors. Packaging final assembled parts and prepare for shipping to customers. Maintain shipping records as directed.

What to Bring:
             General organizational skills. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
What you Will Gain:
             Knowledge of shipping practices and warehouse procedures.

Inventory Control

Responsible for accurate counting, tracking, and reporting of current inventory levels of various components used in manufacturing. Maintain inventory control records as directed.

What to Bring:
             General organizational skills. Ability to maintain attention to detail.
What you Will Gain:
             Knowledge of warehouse and manufacturing procedures.

Warehouse Management

Responsible for all operations in the warehouse of the manufacturing facility. Oversight of the shipping/handling process as well as inventory control operations.

What to Bring:
              General organizational skills.
What you Will Gain:
             Ability to transfer this knowledge to the logistical operations of a manufacturing operation.


Intern(s) will have already been involved in one or more of the above positions. Assists in maintaining order flow; prioritizing orders based on business needs and customer demand.

What to Bring:
              General organizational skills. Knowledge of one or more of the positions noted above. An ability to    stay organized in a rapidly changing environment.
What you Will Gain:
             Ability to translate learned skills to larger operations.

How the Program Works

Due to the lengthy learning curve for the various technical and marketing disciplines, interns usually begin our program in their sophomore or junior year, working 2 or 3 days a week after school until 7:00 PM.  All of the candidates are interviewed and selected by the Engineering and Marketing Intern Managers, who make recommendations to the professional staff for final hiring approval.  The Intern Managers are high school seniors who have advanced through our program and have demonstrated proficiency in leadership while also displaying the necessary levels of expertise in their departments’ technical disciplines.




Our most productive interns haven’t always been the straight “A” students who excel in school.  Just as often, they are the interns who have a real passion for their area of interest. They are also the student who understands the importance of collaboration and team “chemistry”. They are able to work independently but also recognize their own limitations and know when to ask for help. For more information, contact Ernie Howard at

To apply, download the application here nth Solutions High School Internship Application (INT APP FEB 21), fill it out and return it along with your resume and one letter of reference. Letter of reference should be from a non-related adult who can speak to your ability to work independently and in a team environment as it applies to the position(s) you are applying for. 

For high school students interested in Engineering, please send application materials to

For high school students interested in Marketing, please send application materials to

For all college candidates, please submit your resumé to