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Market Research

Q1. Have you determined the characteristics (demographics) of your ideal market?*

Q2. Have you determined the potential size of your ideal market?*

Q3. Have you determined your barriers to market entry?*

Q4. Have you identified your competition?*

Q5. Do similar products exist today?*

“Begin with the end in mind.” –Stephen Covey

We ask our clients how they ultimately envision their concept becoming successful. With this vision in mind, we ask the right questions: How can this product be improved? What’s missing from these shelves? What’s not on the table that should be?

We find our answers through qualitative and quantitative market research, where we establish the potential size of the market, barriers to entry, existing competitors, and possible exit strategies.

Intellectual Property

Q6. In your opinion, does your product require patent protection?*

Q7. Have you conducted a patent search to determine how your product design or technology relates to existing intellectual property?*

Q8. Have you filed for a patent on this product?*

Q9. Have you ever had a patent issued on any previous products?*

Q10. Do you have any unique symbols/phrases/words, associated with this product, which would require a trademark?*

“It's a very small percentage of patents that actually turn into products that make money for people.” – Richard Maulsby, Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

At nth Solutions we perform extensive intellectual property searches to determine and identify any patents, trademarks, or prior art, that may be related to our client’s concept or product. Based upon our analysis, we then craft the necessary IP to protect that concept or product. Or, in collaboration with our client, we help determine if an opportunity exists to develop a new product or improve upon an existing one.


Q11. Have any product designs been drawn or drafted?*

Q12. Would you consider your design to be complete?*

Q13. Does your product utilize electronics?*

Q14. If electronics are utilized, has the schematic been completed?*

Q15. If electronics are utilized, has the circuit board been completed?*

Q16. Does your product require mobile data transmission?*

Q17. Has a working prototype been created?*

Q18. Have you completed any field testing?*

“Every great design begins with an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo

Listening to our client and understanding their overall goal for the project is our first priority.  Keeping these objectives in mind, we are able to frame out the necessary paths to achieve the end goal, particularly with regard to IP and future revenue stream.

Defining these parameters helps to determine the physical, mechanical, or electronic design components of the product. Strongly focused on User Experience Design (UXD), we give careful consideration to the look, feel, presentation, and inter­activity of the product as a way to enhance customer satisfaction and promote brand loyalty. We go beyond simply meet­ing the client’s expectations by exploring a broad range of design solutions, as well as alternative design enhancements, to further increase the value of the original concept.


Q19. Have you chosen a product name?*

Q20. Have you created a logo, tagline, color scheme, tone of voice, etc?*

Q21. Have you generated any social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)?*

Q22. Have you created a website?*

Q23. Have you created any marketing material (flyers, brochures, etc)?*

Q24. Have you created any packaging?*

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” – Will Rogers

Your core marketing message is the essence of your brand or company.  It must communicate your company’s values and personality in a way that is relatable for your audience.  Our focus is on understanding your market and accurately defining who you’re selling to in order to ensure the right message is communicated, and to the right audience.

Combining research, design, and revenue objectives, our team creates comprehensive marketing strategies to engage your target audience. We develop both digital and physical marketing materials from website design and social media to flyers, brochures, and retail packaging, all of which are protected through trademarks and product registration marks. We convey brand identity through these materials in a way that is unique and identifiable to provide a meaningful connection with the end user, and to distinctly separate you from your competition.


Q25. Have you determined initial production costs?*

Q26. Have final materials for your product been selected?*

Q27. Have you determined who will build your product?*

Q28. Have tooling requirements (including costs of tooling) for production been determined?*

Q29. Is having a “Made in the USA” product important to you?*

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain

The manufacturing phase makes the intangible tangible; it allows the concept to become three- dimensional.  It unifies concept, research, and design, and transforms them into a working prototype.

Our key areas of expertise include embedded control, reverse engineering, analog, digital, RF, infrared, and circuit board design.  Having our own 3-D printer and machine shop on-site enables us to quickly refine, modify, and improve on any elements which ultimately lead towards the final production model.  Whether the best critical path for our client is in-house production, utilizing contract manufacturers, or exploring overseas production, we analyze all options to maximize profit margins.

Of course, no manufacturing process is complete without implementing quality control measures. We develop the testing equipment and draft the requisite procedures to ensure a product is of the highest standards and exceeds the expecta­tion of the ultimate end user, as well as our client.


Q30. Has a distribution plan been determined (retail distribution, B2B, ecommerce, etc)?*

Q31. Has a pricing model been determined (distributor, wholesale, retail, etc)?*

If you are planning on using a retail distribution platform:

Q32. Have you generated a UPC?*

Q33. Do you have a distributor or representative agreement in place?*

Q34. Do you have verbal/written purchase orders in place?*

Please feel free to tell us more about your product or idea.

“Having a great idea for a product is important, but having a great idea for product distribution is even more important.” – Reid Hoffman

Whether your goal is long-term retail distribution, e-commerce, or an exit strategy such as licensing, buyout, liquidation, or acquisition, our valuable vertical integration process is built to maximize revenue for your product.

nth examines and reviews all necessary supply chain logistics (i.e. transportation, warehousing, shipping, material planning and control, GDSN, and UPC creation) to provide a plan on how to best distribute your product. In utilizing our network and years of industry experience, we help you navigate the world of wholesalers, retailers, and consumer fulfillment to make your project Revenue-ReadyTM.

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