What makes an idea “worth it?”

Everywhere and every second, countless ideas are born. It only makes sense, seeing as there are upwards of 7.5 billion people in the world constantly encountering the even larger number of problems that manifest every day – all in need of solutions. Some are tangible, some are policy-based, environmental, mathematical, mechanical, socioeconomical. There are infinite sources for a great idea, so long as you pay attention. With all of those ideas and all of those categories, it would be absurd to think that there is a set rubric against which a single idea could possibly be weighed as “worth” pursuing.

So, let’s rephrase our question. What makes an idea “worth it” – to you?

To answer this question, what needs to be understood first and foremost, is this: an idea alone – just a seed – is worthless. However, an idea fed with personal investment: time, effort, money, and everything else necessary for that seed to reach fruition – is priceless.

So, you have a great idea? Well, before you ask anything else, ask yourself why you care. What about this idea excites you? It might feed into your passions. It might propose a solution to a problem close to home, or an issue that covers a larger population. It could increase individual convenience, or it could change the way a society thinks or acts. Or hey, it could seem promising of major revenue. Our point is, when it comes to placing value on something of which there are an infinite number, it’s all about weighing it on an individual scale. Find your motivation for believing in this idea, and if there’s hesitance? Well, then maybe you’ve already answered the title question yourself.

If you are able to identify that motivation, then what comes next all boils down to one consideration. Will your idea maintain that “spark?” Like we mentioned before, the value of any idea comes from its journey going from a single thought into something that we can see, hold, use – something on the market.

And surprise! That journey will never be an easy one. Before you walk onto an obstacle course that will undoubtedly project waves of uncertainty, stress, and difficult decisions onto you, it’s crucial that you look at that spark you identified earlier, and test it out!

Here at nth Solutions, that’s our specialty. We know the importance of taking an idea and vision-casting it forward: to help you visualize the outcome. Could you adapt to how your initial idea may inevitably change or take alternate paths based on feasibility? If the product changed, but the problem at hand was still getting solved, would your motivation dwindle? Visualizing the future openly is a great way to help you truly understand if your answer to “why do I care?” would sustain through the process of concept to revenue. After all, any idea can seem like a great one, and maybe even promise “worth” in the market.

So, the real question then, is: can it promise worth to you?